Coronavirus update

Our exciting new program of talks starting October 2021 is now available and will comprise of online talks in October, November, January and February 2022 and normal meetings at Keynsham Baptist Church Hall in December, March and April (assuming we are able to accommodate sufficient numbers). Our Zoom online events turned out to be very successful during our lockdown winter and raised a large sum of money for Avon Wildlife Trust so we would like to continue them to enable us to offer speakers and audiences from farther afield to participate. 

Autumn/Winter Talks Program
Advanced booking required for Zoom talks, and preferred for talks at our hall
Online talks - a suggested donation of £2.50 per person 
Talks at the hall - a suggested donation of £3 booked online or £3 for AWT members/£4 non-AWT members on the day. 

Friday 12th November 7:30pm
Saving Land, Saving 
Species - Online talk with the World Land Trust

An overview of the amazing work carried out by this rainforest conservation charity, saving forests throughout the world, with news of the key projects and their latest venture in Guatemala in Central America.
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Wednesday 24th November 7:30pm
Bringing Beavers back to Britain - Online talk with the Beaver Trust

Chris Jones and Josh Harris from the Beaver Trust and Amy Coulthard from Avon Wildlife Trust will talk about the reintroduction of beavers to the UK. Beavers became extinct in the UK around 400 years ago but are now making a comeback, and their ecosystem engineering behaviour can be a huge boost to other wildlife, as well as helping to slow down flooding. The talk will cover beaver biology, their history in Britain and Europe, their impacts on hydrology and biodiversity, and the current status of beavers in the Avon catchment.
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Friday 10th December 7:30pm
A Christmas Cracker - talks by local members

Join us for some Festive Fun with short talks from our local members, “Wildlife Photography in Florida” with Kathy Farrell and “Keynsham's Watery World” with Dave Sage and Rita Andrews, plus a wildlife quiz

Venue: Keynsham Baptist Church Hall - advanced booking preferred:

Friday 14th January 7:30pm
The Glimmering World of Glow-worms - Online talk with Pete Cooper

Glow-worms are both a hugely charismatic insect and one which has shown trends of a decline in the UK, so a new scheme is looking to investigate the possibility of captive breeding and release of these species to light the dark among local community's nature spaces once more.
Pete Cooper from the Derek Gow Consultancy will discuss the world of British glow-worms, his current work on this project and what the future holds
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Friday 11th February 7:30pm
The Poole Harbour Osprey Project - Online talk with Liv Cooper, Project Co-ordinator

The project, which started in 2017, involves the translocation of 60 juvenile Ospreys from Scottish nests into the Poole Harbour area. This process aims to create a bond between the young Ospreys and their new local area, before they leave on their first treacherous migration, usually to West Africa. This bond draws the Ospreys back to Poole Harbour on their return to the UK, after at least 2 years maturing in their wintering grounds, when they will identifying suitable nesting sites. The translocation therefore lays the foundations for their return as a breeding bird to the South Coast, 180 years on from their local extinction.
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Friday 11th March 7:30pm
Wild Owl: The Conservation of British Owls -  with Ian McGuire

Ian's talk looks at the 5 main species of UK owls, the barn owl, little owl, tawny owl, long-eared owl & short-eared owl and gives a fascinating insight into their appearance, behaviour, breeding and ways to help conserve them.

Venue: Keynsham Baptist Church Hall - advanced booking preferred:

Friday 8th April 7:30pm
Plants of the Somerset Coast - with Helena Crouch

Somerset has a variety of coastal habitats and associated plant species, despite the coastline being entirely estuarine.  Helena Crouch has been studying and recording coastal plants here for over 20 years.
In this talk, Helena will take us on an exploration of the different coastal habitats, including rocky shores, saltmarshes and sand dunes, looking at the common and rarer plants we might expect to find in each, and explaining their adaptations to their challenging environments.

Venue: Keynsham Baptist Church Hall - advanced booking preferred:

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